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TENALI RAW. STORIES OF. TENALI RAMAN. The Stories of Ternali Raman" is an entertaining and thought provoking book that can be enjoyed by all age. Description: Tenali Ramakrishna Stories In Telugu Pdf, Tenali Ramakrishna Stories In Telugu Pdf Free Download, Tenali Ramakrishna Stories In Telugu Videos. Tenali Ramalinga Stories - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Garlapati Tenali Ramakrishna, popularly.

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Tenali Ramalinga Stories In Pdf

Funny stories of the witty Tenali Raman of Vijayanagara. Stories for your kid and the kid in you. We are a platform, a magazine, a community. You will get a. in Tenali.) His father Ramaiah died when Ramakrishna was very young. The boy .. On hearing his story, Krishnadevaraya said "Ramakrishna, there are. DownloadTenali ramakrishna stories in telugu pdf free. Free Pdf Download 25 but include the pumpkin. Two or three smaller ones will do fine. Tenali.

You are on page 1of 41 Search inside document Tenali Ramalinga The Vijaya Nagar Empire has a prominent place in the preindependence period of the Indian sub-continent. This was possible through Rayalus courage, righteousness and revered patronage. A Poet named Ramalinga added feathers to the crown of reputation of Rayalu. Tenali Ramalinga or Tenali Rama, as he was famous by, belonged to a town called Tenali and that stuck as his Surname. Tenali is also famous as Andhra Paris. Rayalus court known as Bhuvana Vijayam Global Victor was strongly upheld by eight poets called Ashta Diggajas Elephants taking care of all the eight sides. Those eights combination was the strongest ever and was invincible for any scholar or Master of Arts and Sciences during those days. Tenali Ramalinga shined among the eight as a precious diamond in the diamond studded crown. Bhuvana Vijayam was host for discussions, arguments, and competitions of the learned and masters, almost all through the rule of the King of Kings Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu. The historians and chroniclers found a synonymity between Akbar Birbal and Rayalu Ramalinga. However, despite the commonness among the two combinations, a small line distincts Birbal and Ramalinga. While Birbal was famous for his delicate and involving humour, Ramalinga was stern and sarcastic in his wit to puncture the shields of proudness the others had. The records also state that Ramalinga was instrumental in protecting the King Rayalu and his prestige many a time, coming to his rescue in critical situations. A popular story among the commoners narrates how Ramalinga protected the Vijaya Nagar Empire from getting into the clutches of Delhi Sultans through his timely wit interlaced with a perfect strategy. The most popular stories about the lifestyle, combination, and coordination of Rayalu and Ramalinga spread the message of intellect, time tuning, and strategic stroking besides lively wit and humour.

At one stage, both the rulers felt there was a need to establish peace in the region. Adil Shah invited Rayalu to Delhi for finalising the peace treaty. Hoping to utilise the opportunity to establish a cordial relation between the two empires, Rayalu headed for Delhi with a big team comprising of poets, dancers, scholars and others. At Delhi, Adil Shah gave red carpet welcome to Rayalu. During the pleasant rounds of discussions, Adil Shah urged the scholars and poets from the Rayalu band to recite some sequences from the epic Mahabharat.

The visitors recited several sequences to please the Delhi Sultan. It was then that trouble shot up for the Vijaya Nagar ruler. Adil Shah expressed his wish and requested Rayalu to make his men rewrite the Mahabharat portraying him and his friends as Pandavas and his rivals as Kauravas.

The total visiting team was shocked to hear the Sultan. Rayalu was worried about the development. He called for an emergency meeting with the learned persons of his team. In the meeting, he sought suggestions from them to avert the problem. Everyone started scratching their heads to find an amicable solution.

None could come out with any concrete proposal. After watching all this, suddenly Ramalinga raised and put his proposal before Rayalu. You please leave the problem onto my shoulders and have a relaxed sleep. I will solve the problem without any problem.

However, it is not a common situation. Dealing with the Delhi Sultan is not an easy job. It is similar to fete on the edge of a sword. You should be very careful! Ramalinga was stiff to his argument and assured everyone to leave the matter to him. The meeting finally nominated Ramalinga to take care of the situation.

Next morning, the court was packed with both the rulers and their henchmen. Adil Shah recalled his wish about re-composing of the Mahabharat. Ramalinga rose from his seat and saluted the Sultan. However, every one of us is stuck at one specific issue. It is not proper for us to discuss the subject in the court. If you can kindly permit me, I wish to present the poking issue before you in private. You are the king of kings! It was our pleasure to know about your inclination about our epics like Mahabharat.

Tell me clearly and quickly. That Pandavas are five. I cannot take this anymore.

Stop rewriting Mahabharat immediately. I can never accept this. Ramalinga bubbling with joy returned to his King Rayalu and his bandwagon of delegation and explained the whole sequence. Everyone including Rayalu appreciated the sharp intelligence and presence of mind Ramalinga had in solving the toughest problem just like that!

There lived a stunning beauty named Vidyullatha. She was a rich lady and well versed with prose, poetry and composition besides dance and music. Vidyullatha was famous as a proud woman in the region. The competitors are required to prove their upper hand in humour, wit and scholarship.

Many responded to the open invitation and barged into her house, individually, to test their fate through the fete. The list of losers was steadily growing and after sometime there were no takers to the invitation. Days were passing like this. If you can give me a handful grain I will give you all the load. Stop crying, I will give you what you wanted. I said a handful grain…that means nothing more or less…it should be a handful grain.

If you cannot pay the price, you should pay me one thousand gold coins and wipe the invitation hoarding on the compound wall. I told you the price, you agreed for it and now if you cannot pay the price, stand by my wish. You should give the one thousand gold coins. That is it. Both started arguing and shouting at each other. The local people started gathering in front of the house to witness and know what is happening and why is the Lady was having a tiff with an ordinary vendor.

Tired of shouting, both resorted to approach the provincial Court of Law for justice. This firewood vendor must have gone crazy.

He is not ready to accede to my offer, though I wished to pay him more. He is sticking to his senseless argument to have a handful grain. He demands later for payment of a thousand gold coins and wiping away the invitation hoarding. I plead for justice. She was right to some extent. However, I am not crazy. I informed her beforehand that the load of firewood would cost her a handful grain.

That was her mistake to mistake my quote for a handful grain. It means, one grain that fills the hand. Vidyullatha was speechless. Obviously, the verdict was in favour of the vendor. Vidyullatha was unable to comprehend that a handful grain meant so much. Shocked with the development and the judgement, she was compelled to pay him one thousand gold coins and wipe off the invitation from the compound wall. The people of the region knew about this and told themselves that the years old proud ness of Vidyullatha was shattered to pieces in a single stroke.

By the way, the vendor was Tenali Ramalinga. On hearing about the problem Vidyullatha created with her hoarding, Ramalinga took due permission from the King Rayalu to take her to task. In the guise of firewood vendor, Ramalinga fulfilled his responsibility in all success. The medical professionals of the court declared that there was no chance for her to survive this episode and that she grew too old to respond to any medication.

One morning, she summoned Rayalu to her presence. I realise that I am close to death's door. I also do not have any hopes that my health would become better. However, I have a last wish. His mother was on the deathbed, expressing her last wish. How could he turn away from it? It was early summer.

Discover the power of meditation

Trees had just started bearing tender fruits. There was no guarantee that royal mother would live until the tender ones ripened on the tree, Rayalu thought. Immediately the King ordered his soldiers to scan through the fields of the kingdom and bring some ripe mangoes at any cost, immediately.

The soldiers plunged into action. They did their best and returned with a basket filled with ripe mangoes. Rayalu was taken aback, for being unable to fulfil the last wish more than for her demise.

He was shook deeply with the thought that his mother was dead even before her quench for mangoes was fulfilled. He slowly started to sink day after the day with the thoughts that were ripping him. Rayalu invited Royal Master Thathacharya, explained his struggle, and sought an advice that would take the suffering off from him. Your mother was fond of giving alms to the poor and needy. Her soul would rest in peace, if you can fulfil her last wish through donations.

Order for preparing mangoes with gold and distribute them to Brahmins of the country.

Brahmins from all over the empire started flooding into the capital to accept the golden mango from the King. Day in and out, long queues were always seen only to add people to its tail. With this, the gold reserves in the exchequer were melting down rapidly. Rayalu not bothering about the consequences was incessantly involved in donating golden mangoes to the Brahmins. He never heeded to the pleas and warnings of the Chief Minister Thimmarusu in this regard.

Thimmarusu was in confusion and did not know how to stop the King. He approached Ramalinga and urged for a solution to this in the interest of the kingdom and its people.

Ramalinga assured Thimmarusu that he would check it at the earliest. Next morning, Ramalinga went near the long queues and watched what was happening. He then selected a yard close to the queues and sat there, ordering the queue maintenance persons to send each of the Brahmins to him before sending him to Rayalu for the golden mango. Everyone knew that Ramalinga was one of the close associates of the King.

They thought that Ramalinga was doing so on the orders of the King and started sending the Brahmins first to Ramalinga before sending them into the palace.

Ramalinga told every Brahmin that there was a slight amendment to the donation process. Brahmins desirous of the gold first had a burn on their backs and went for the King's gold.

This went on until afternoon. In the later afternoon, one Brahmin pleaded Ramalinga to give him two burns and two golden mangoes. Ramalinga immediately fulfilled the Brahmins wish. Then the Brahmin approached Rayalu.

As usual, Rayalu handed him one mango. I had two burns please give me two golden mangoes. Why are you doing this brutality on these poor and innocent Brahmins? I am an unlucky person.

Tenali Ramakrishna | Telugu Stories | Short Stories For Kids | Cartoon for Children | Bomm

Recently my mother succumbed to a chronic disease. She wished all during her bed ridden period to cauterise her back so that she could become healthy and live longer. Nevertheless, I did not heed to her requests. She died with it on her lips. However, me being a poor man cannot invite such huge number of Brahmins. With all due respects to the King, I beg for pardon for my deeds, if I am wrong.

Appreciating the presence of mind and loyalty, Rayalu immediately stopped the programme. With all her pleasing manners, attire and conversation, she attracted the gathering that day.

After a little dialogue with the King and his prime staff, she took out the most delicate and flimsiest sari from a small box that would hardly be sufficient to place a pair of ear-tops. A group of divine weavers are working for me.

I was wondering how you would manage to wipe your thousand noses with two hands if you caught cold. The smile and the sense of humor of the boy pleased the Goddess.

She blessed him and offered him two glasses, one with milk and one with curd. Asking him to choose one among them, she told him that he would be blessed with knowledge if he chose milk and he would be rich if he chose curd. Ramakrishna thought for a second and told the Goddess that he would be able to choose, only if he had a closer look at both the glasses.

Trusting him, the Goddess handed over the glasses to Ramakrishna. In a split of a second, the clever Ramakrishna drank both.

Tenali Ramalinga Stories

Mother Kali Devi was very annoyed with him and wanted to curse him. He immediately bowed before the mother and explained that life would be complete and comfortable only if one had both fame and money. Pleased by his presence of mind and outwitting quality, The Goddess blessed him to attain fame, money and also the ability to make people laugh.

Ramanna was observing the strangers in the city. He saw four people, who were thieves, going into an inn. They gave a bundle of money to the keeper of the inn. The inn-keeper was an old lady who was recently been widowed after the death of her husband. You please preserve this box with you.

You should give this box only if all of us come together and claim for it. But do not give it to any one of us if we come alone. After wandering around for some time in the city, the men again reached back to the inn. But before they entered the inn, they had some serious discussion amongst themselves. The thief went inside and asked her for the money box. As I promised before, I will give the box only if all the four of you come together.

They sent me to get the box. She came out and asked the rest of the thieves whether she could give the box to him. They nodded their heads in agreement. So she went inside, got the box and handed it over to him. The thief took the box and quietly escaped from the back door.

Tenali Rama - Wikipedia

After some time, the remaining thieves got a doubt and went inside the inn. They could not find their friend anywhere. Hence, they went to the innkeeper and asked her for the money box. She said that she had given it to their friend as they suggested earlier.

Immediately the three men got angry and scolded the old woman. The poor old woman kept quiet. We told you to give the box when all of us come and claim for it. But you gave it to only one person.

That box contains thousand rupees. You have to pay that money. Otherwise we will complain to the authorities. I asked all of you before giving it to him. With your permission only I handed over the box to the fourth one of your group. I am just a poor inn — keeper. How could I give it to you? The thieves did not care for her words. They held her shoulder and dragged her on to the street. She kept crying. At last they took her to the judge. The judge listened to their versions and gave his judgement.

He ordered the old woman to pay thousand rupees to the three men. But where could she get thousand rupees? In addition to this there was no mistake from her side. So, she cursed the judge for miscarriage of justice. Ramanna saw her in pain and was aware of the whole incidence. He is not looking into the problems of the people.

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