Safety Information. Use the instrument only as specified in this manual. Otherwise, the protection provided by the instrument be impaired. Refer to the. If you’ve been using a dry well calibrator or dry block calibrator for field work, you know there’s a lot more to them than temperature range and stability. A field dry well needs to be portable, flexible, and suitable for high-volume calibrations or certifications. Fluke Calibration , Field Dry-Wells and. Thermocouple Furnace. Temperature sensor test and calibration. • Lightweight and very portable.

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    Fluke 9140 Pdf

    Fluke Calibration , and Field Dry-Wells and Thermocouple Furnace. Temperature sensor test and calibration. • Lightweight and very. If you've been using dry-well calibrators for field work, you know there's a lot more to a dry-well than its temperature range and stability. Fluke , built-in laser distance meter and advanced manual focus Store HART device configurations in ASCII or PDF file configurations.

    Size, weight, speed, comfort, and the software is also significant. Moor-the well must be portable, flexible, and suitable for high volume calibration or certification. If they do not, you will soon forget the great things a sales representative to you and realize what you are actually buying. At Hart Scientific, we use dry-wells every day in manufacturing and calibration of our work, and we know what makesdry-both easy and productive to use-which is exactly how users described the series we moor-wells. This dry-wells is working for you, not vice versa. The third unit beat any comparable dry-another good in the industry in performance, size, weight, comfort, ease of calibration, software, and price. In addition, the heating and cooling rate of each dry-well adjusted from the front panel, the thermal switch can be checked for testsn aktuasi, and inserts some holes of various sizes that are available for the investigation. Hart dry-wells are easy to calibrate. You don't even have to open the case. This means less maintenance costs and less down time when they need to calibrate. The software is written for Windows and has a great graphical interface. Regardless of whether you want a basic software or fully automated calibration system, we've got what you want. Read about all our packages begin on page

    The user should be familiar with the safety guidelines and operating procedures of the calibrator as described in the instruction manual.

    Fluke Blank Dry Block Insert. Insert, no holes — Blank, ring.

    Insert A, B, C, or D included specify when ordering. With three removable inserts to choose from, the is as versatile as it is fast. An interface cable kit that includes a null modem to connect the Fluke with Fluke Calibration dry-wells and Micro-Baths to automate and document the calibration of temperature sensors and transmitters in the field or at the bench.

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    We also accept wire transfers, cheques and purchase orders on approved credit. Call us toll free Send It. This product includes one lens.

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    FLUKE USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

    Table of Contents 1 Before You Start Page 4 8 Digital Communication Interface Page 5 10 Calibration Procedure Page 6 Figure 8 Back Panel Page 7 International Electrical Symbols Otherwise, the protection provided by the instrument may be impaired. Refer to the safety information below and throughout the manual.

    The instrument was designed for temperature calibration. Any other use of the instrument may cause unknown hazards to the user. Page Introduction The Hart Scientific Mid-Range Field Calibrator may be used as a portable instrument or bench top temperature calibrator for calibrating thermocouple and RTD temperature probes.

    The is small enough to use in the field, and accurate enough to use in the lab. Page Specifications And Environmental Conditions Specifications and Environmental Conditions Specifications The following table lists the specifications for this instrument. Accuracy speci- fications are applicable for a one-year calibration interval.

    In line with normal prudent metrology practices, Hart Scientific recommends a short-cycle interval of six months for new units during the first year. Power Ambient Temperature Operating Range Page Quick Start Unpack the dry-well carefully and inspect it for any damage that may have oc- curred during shipment.

    If there is shipping damage, notify the carrier immediately.

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